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The Superconductor V Cables allow for a sophisticated reproduction of any musical or sonic event, bridging the gap between quality amplified sound and your ears.

We begin with the midrange of hearing where we are all experienced before birth- Human voice. Superconductor V allows you to hear voices like no other cable- they are for all practical purposes with you in the room. With these cables there is no denying reality.

Once accustomed to the intimacy of the singers and intentions of performers, the next change is within low frequencies- the Bass. Drums, piano, guitar, everything way down low has high speed impact and weight. The drum skin itself flexes and ripples like water and string instruments naturally resonate into darkness. Synthesized effects come to life with a deserved level of realism. All this and so much more become quite apparent with Superconductor V in charge of delivery.

The crescendo to this all natural delivery of sonic information are the highest of frequencies- cymbals, string harmonics, natural resonances of so many recorded sounds now extend out beyond audibility. Silky smooth yet detailed with microscopic nuances creating a three dimensional picture of the original event that envelopes you like a blanket.

To arrive in this singular place has taken over two decades of research, revealing itself on the exterior as only a cable while dominating careers in creating materials and designs unique to one. This is Our Path, This is Who We Are, This is JPS Labs.

Made In the USA

Pricing is for one pair (2 cables for 2 speakers)