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ABYSS engineering went all out on this beast of a headphone stand!

The STAND is a heavy duty, stable base designed to safely hold your prized headphone. Aluminum frame, heavy steel base with large rubber footers, and select hardwoods earns it an award for the heaviest headphone stand in the world.

At a whopping 2.4 kg / 5.2 lb weight, a large base and low center of gravity keep this stand upright, not prone to tipping. Easily holds any large headphone.

Extended 31 cm / 12" height gives plenty of vertical space allowing the cables to safely drape away without jamming into the desktop. (Base 21.5 cm W x 16.5 mm D)

(Note wood is prone to imperfections and variations in grain patterns which give this product it's natural look.) Headphone not included.

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